QLD Health Covid Vaccine Booking



Link: https://www.vaccinebookings.health.qld.gov.au/

Go to the above link and register. You’ll get an email saying the following:

Dear <NAME>,

Thank you for registering your interest to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at a Queensland Health vaccine location.

When the vaccine becomes available, you will receive an email with details on how to sign up and book your vaccination appointment.

Thank you for making the choice to protect yourself and help keep our community safe.

Yours sincerely

Queensland Health

For more information visit www.qld.gov.au/covid19vaccine

Wait a few days. I registered on a Friday and didn’t get a response until Sunday. You should receive two emails.

The first is a generic “welcome” message, supposedly containing a unique link:

Dear <NAME>,

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available in Queensland and you are invited to receive your free vaccination.

Bookings are essential. Please use the link below to sign up, register and book your appointment.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause serious ongoing health issues. Being vaccinated will not only help you, it will help all > of us. Information about the vaccine, including what to expect on the day of your vaccination can be found here . This information also tells you how Queensland Health is committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality. Please take time to read this before you book.

During the booking process you will need to answer questions to help determine if you can receive the vaccine. If you have a serious medical condition, take medicines that suppress your immune system, have any allergies or you are pregnant, it is recommended you talk to your GP before you are given the vaccine.

How do I sign up and register?

Click here to sign up, register and book your vaccine appointment. This link is unique to you, do not forward to someone else.

Here is a step by step guide to help you.

For further assistance, to book for someone else or speak with an interpreter in your language for free, call 134 COVID (13 42 68).

Once you have made a booking, you will be sent an email with your appointment details and a QR Code.

If you do not want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you do not need to do anything further. However, you may be contacted again about the option to be vaccinated.

It is important everyone continues public health measures including physical distancing, hand washing and you stay home when you are sick to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 and help control the spread in the community.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our community safe.

Yours sincerely

Dr Jeannette Young PSM

Chief Health Officer

For more information visit www.qld.gov.au/covid19vaccine or call 134 COVID (13 42 68).

About 5 minutes afterwards, you’ll get a second email.

Dear <NAME>,

Oh no! It looks like our registration key dropped off when we emailed you earlier this afternoon about booking for your COVID-19 vaccine. We apologise for any confusion and the inconvenience.

Good news is, if you have already successfully booked an appointment for your vaccination please disregard this email good news for those wanting to continue with their booking, is that you can use the link below to book your vaccination appointment.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our of Queensland Health vaccination locations in the coming weeks.

Queensland Health

–snip– contents of previous email –snip–

Using the link in this email, you can complete your registration and log into the site and book an appointment.

Their site is horrible. When I tried it, their Bing maps API key had expired and I couldn’t select a location/provider.

Paste the following into the developer console, this is simply updating the page state as if you had selected something on the map. All the locations are hardcoded in the page source, you just need to look. This is essentially their code, with the map parts commented out.

If the PA Hospital is the wrong one, view the page source and copy the correct one.

var providerarray = [];

var nextname = "Princess Alexandra Hospital aged under 50 years only";
var nextaddress = "199 Ipswich Road" + " " + "Woolloongabba" + " " + "Queensland" + " " + "4102";
var nextphone = "";
var nextacc = "afb93216-ee82-eb11-a812-000d3a6ace19";
var nextlat = "-27.49874";
var nextlong = "153.03315"

var xDiff = (selectedlat - "-27.49874") * 111.139;
var yDiff = (selectedlong - "153.03315") * 111.139;
var nextdist = Math.round((Math.sqrt(xDiff * xDiff + yDiff * yDiff)) * 100) / 100;

providerarray.push([nextdist, nextname, nextaddress, nextphone, nextacc, nextlat, nextlong]);

// providerarray.sort();
providerarray = providerarray.sort((a, b) => {
    return a[0] - b[0]
if (providerarray.length == 0) {
    //alert("No Center found, try changing radius.");
    //return false;
else  $('#diverror').hide();
for (var i = 1; i <= providerarray.length; i++) {

    var providerrow = "provider" + i + "row";
    var totalCount = providerarray.length;
    var selectprovider = "selectproviderbtn(" + i + "," + totalCount + ")";
    //var selectprovider = "selectproviderbtn("+i+")";
    var provideracc = "provider" + i + "acc";
    var providerleft = "provider" + i + "left";
    var providerright = "provider" + i + "right";
    var providername = "provider" + i + "name";
    $("#providertable > tbody:last-child").append("<tr style='border:0px transparent;cursor: pointer;' onclick='" + selectprovider + ";' id='" + providerrow + "'><td><button type='button' class='btn-success' style='border: 0px transparent; border-radius:50%; height:35px; width:35px; background-color: #00B2A9; margin-top:5px;'>" + i + "</button></td><td id='" + provideracc + "' style='display:none;'></td><td id='" + providerleft + "' style='text-align: left;'></td><td id='" + providerright + "' style='text-align: right;'></td><td id='" + providername + "' style='display:none;'></td></tr>");

for (var i = 0; i < providerarray.length; i++) {

    var providernum = i + 1;
    var providerleftid = document.getElementById("provider" + (i + 1) + "left");
    var providerrightid = document.getElementById("provider" + (i + 1) + "right");
    var provideraccid = document.getElementById("provider" + (i + 1) + "acc");
    var providernameid = document.getElementById("provider" + (i + 1) + "name");

    //Update Row
    providerleftid.innerText = providerarray[i][1] + "\n" + providerarray[i][2]; //can we set first part to bold?
    providerrightid.innerText = providerarray[i][3] + "\n" + providerarray[i][0] + " km";
    provideraccid.innerText = providerarray[i][4];
    providernameid.innerText = providerarray[i][1];

    //Add pin to Map
    //var location = new Microsoft.Maps.Location(providerarray[i][5], providerarray[i][6]);
    //var pinText = "" + providernum + "";
    //var pin =createCirclePushpin(location, 17.5, 'rgba(0, 178, 169, 1)','rgba(0, 114, 108, 1)', pinText);

    //var infobox = new Microsoft.Maps.Infobox(location, { title: providerarray[i][1] });
    //Microsoft.Maps.Events.addHandler(pin, 'click', function () { selectproviderbtn(i,providerarray.length); });

document.getElementById("providertable").style.visibility = "visible";
$("#providerresults").css("overflow-y", "scroll");
$("#providerresults").css("height", "410px");